Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Music: The Top Ten Best Songs to Pick You Up When You are Feeling Sad

We all know that music can be a powerful factor in our lives; it's something to which everyone can relate. We all have memories associated with particular songs, and, just like the background music in a movie, the soundtrack we choose for our lives can set the tone. When you are feeling down or troubled, you may be drawn to sad songs to help you let it all out, but if you find yourself stuck in a funk, put on some happy tunes to inspire yourself and shake those blues! Here is a list of ten great songs to cheer you:

1. “Anything Can Happen”, from the Anything Can Happen CD by Leon Russell – This jazzy number washes over you with a sparkling sound and the most hopeful lyrics ever. One of my all-time favorite pick-me-up songs. 

2. “Gone!”, originally from the Wild Mood Swings CD, also on the Galore (Greatest Hits) CD by The Cure – Yes, THAT Cure. A band known for goth mopery can also score an inspiring song that tells you to stop moping and “Get up, get out, and get gone!” Other Cure songs in the upbeat vein include “Friday I’m in Love” and “Why Can’t I Be You?”, but “Gone!” has the take-charge lyrics that empower and inspire. 

3. “Take it as it Comes” by Milli Vanilli, from their one and only CD, Girl You Know It's True. Regardless of the lip-synching scandal, this CD produced some catchy tunes, including this very inspiring anthem that includes the empowering lyrics, “So take it as it comes, girl/Don't let him bring you down, yeah/Keep your motor runnin'/You know you own this town, yeah”. I don’t care who you are, when you hear that you own this town, it makes you pick that chin up. 

4. “Two Hearts”, from the soundtrack for the movie Buster, also available on the …Hits CD by Phil Collins. This gorgeous, blue-skies-forever sounding song will banish a glum mood so effectively, there’s no wonder it won a Golden Globe award in 1988, as well as a number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

5. “Three Little Birds”, from the Legend CD and others by Bob Marley – Okay, it was pointed out by Adam Sandler in Funny People that this song by cancer victim Bob Marley might not necessarily pick up an AML-stricken pessimist who knows the backstory, but if you are suffering a more temporary setback (or at least have a better attitude), this gentle ditty beats the pants off “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for cheerful optimism set to an island beat. Apologies to Bobby McFerrin; just keepin’ it real. Now sing it with me: “Don’t worry about a thing/ ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right…”

6. “Make it Happen”, from the Emotions CD by Mariah Carey. This is a real you-can-do-it anthem; this autobiographical song describes Carey's life as a young artist struggling to find her big break before she became the famous diva we know today. There are some religious aspects to this song that pertain to her own journey, but overall it is a great inspirational tune for anyone, regardless of denomination.

7. “I Believe”, from the debut CD, Free Yourself, by Fantasia Barrino. This was actually the pre-penned theme song for the American Idol winner of Season Three, whomever that turned out to be, and as we know, those tended toward equal parts treacle and bombast, but this tune, rendered with powerful gospel vocals and incredible emotion by Miss Fantasia, soars to new heights. How can you not be uplifted when you hear her soulful voice avowing, “I believe in the impossible/ If I reach deep within my heart/ Overcome any obstacle/ Won't let this dream fall apart”?

8. “Unwritten”, from the debut CD, Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield. Although her song “Pocketful of Sunshine” is a sweet, upbeat little song, I like “Unwritten” for its anything-is-possible, you-write-your-own-destiny message, as well as for its structure, starting off by gently bopping, and then leading up to a full gospel chorus. Cute video, too!

9. and 10. And last but not least, “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston from the Tomorrow CD 
and “Could it be You (Punk Rock Chick)” by H*Wood, 
just because I defy anyone to keep from jumping up and shaking it to these hotcha dance tracks! How can you stay sad when you are getting your happy dance on? 

Free use image from Pixabay  https://pixabay.com/en/woman-nature-eyes-beauty-female-1742145/

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Unauthorized Charges on My Lane Bryant Account Were...Lane Bryant's Own Doing?

Do you have a charge card for Lane Bryant clothing store? If you do, you should check your statement carefully. They seem to have made an agreement for a company called Account Assure to offer "protection" for your account. You know the way it works: Some plan offers to cover your payments if you get fired or disabled or whatnot, for the nominal sum of only $12-$15 a year. Seems reasonable, right? Except that once you enroll, they charge you automatically, year after year, and you almost certainly will never need it. Multiply that by thousands of customers, and it's a pretty sweet deal. The one or two percent of people who really need it will be more than covered by the people who won't.

But see, the operative word here is enroll . I did not enroll in Account Assure. Lane Bryant decided to enroll me, it seems. One day, I received a letter that Account Assure was going to be added to my Lane Bryant account, unless I called to opt out. As soon as I received that letter, I wasted no time in calling to opt out, and also fussing that I do not like getting charged for something I did not order. The man was nice enough and assured me that I would not be charged.

Wouldn't you know it, here comes my Lane Bryant statement with a charge from Account Assure on it. The charge was minimal, only 15 cents, but the point was that I did not order the coverage in the first place, and I furthermore went to the trouble to ensure it would not commence. And yet here was that charge. I called customer service for Lane Bryant and forged my way through their hellish phone tree, upon which I spoke to a person who did not wish to help me. She refused to delete the charge from my account, stating that it was Account Assure's charge and that I would have to call them to take it off. I explained that I had not authorized the charge and that I had called Account Assure already to make sure that I was not enrolled in their program. The Lane Bryant rep steadfastly refused to take off the charge.

Look, the charge was small. No, it was tiny. It would be nothing to them to charge back 15 cents to keep a customer happy, would it not? Apparently it wouldn't. Figuring she just wasn't authorized to help me, I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she told me the supervisor would say the same thing. At that point, I realized my business was not worth fifteen pennies to Lane Bryant, and I told her to close my account. She made no attempt to save the situation whatsoever; I was treated to dead silence on the phone as she apparently closed the account without addressing me further. I finally asked if she needed more information, and she said, "No, I'm just closing your account." Well, that was that. No apology, no explanation, not a hint of friendliness or even understanding, and although angry, I had not been abusive. She just did not care, and honestly, that was the most disturbing part.

I think Lane Bryant's clothing is attractive and comfortable, although I have no idea why it is so expensive, as it seems rather cheaply made. I have always had fun shopping there. However, horrible customer service and ripoff credit "coverage" that I didn't request has ruined our 20-plus-year relationship and ensured I will not darken the door of a Lane Bryant store again. I will be happy to take my business elsewhere, since it means nothing to them. If you do have a Lane Bryant charge and you find an unasked-for Account Assure charge on it, you should probably just close your account. After all, I already called Account Assure not to charge me, and Lane Bryant obviously didn't want to help me. You might find the only way to delete the charge is to delete the card!

Image credit Pixabay http://pixabay.com/en/credit-card-payment-purchase-348720/

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Your July Birthday – July Holidays, Traditions and More

July is a great summer month! It's time for fireworks, family picnics and lazy afternoons by the pool. What else is there to celebrate in July? Oh, oodles of stuff! Get a load of all these cool holidays:

Monthly Observances
July is National Doghouse Repair Month, as well as the National Month for grilling, ice cream, horseradish, hot dogs, making a difference to children, parks and recreation, sharing a sunset with your lover, and it's also National Wheelchair Beautification Month, so it's time to pimp your ride! July is also the International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month, so make sure to rock a little "Heart of Glass" and "Rapture" at your barbecue!

Weirdest Holiday: Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day (27th). Coolest Holiday: Gorgeous Grandma Day (23rd).

July Traditions
Flower: larkspur - open-heartedness, ardent attachment
Birthstone: ruby Cancer's gem: pearl

Zodiac sign: Cancer (1- 22) and Leo (23-31; see August for details). Cancer the crab is a water sign, with the characteristics of intuition and adaptability (think of water quickly taking the shape of its container). Cancereans are devoted, nurturing parents, but tend to be extremely sensitive and quick to complain. The world isn't out to get you, crabby ones, so pull in your claws a bit! Best friends: Scorpio and Pisces. Best love matches: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Famous Birthdays: Princess Diana (1st), Thurgood Marshall (2nd), Franz Kafka (3rd), Malia Obama (4th), Edie Falco (5th), Sylvester Stallone (6th), Ringo Starr (7th), Kevin Bacon (8th), David Hockney (9th), Nikola Tesla (10th), Leon Spinks (11th),  Malala Yousafzai (12th), Harrison Ford (13th), Jane Lynch (14th), Rembrandt (15th), Ginger Rogers (16th), David Hasselhoff (17th), Nelson Mandela (18th), Lizzie Borden (19th), Carlos Santana (20th), Robin Williams (21st), John Leguizamo (22nd), Daniel Radcliffe (23rd), Amelia Earhart (24th), Mick Jagger (25th), Sandra Bullock (26th), Alex Rodriguez (27th), Jackie Kennedy Onassis (28th), Wil Wheaton (29th), Arnold Scwarzenegger (30th), JK Rowling (31st).

Catholic Feast Days
1- St Junípero Serra, St Oliver Plunkett, St Serf, Ste Esther, St Simeon Salus
2 -Sts Processus & Martinian
3- St Thomas
4 -Ste Elizabeth of Portugal, St Ulric
5 -St Athanasius of Athos, St Anthony Mary Zaccharoa
6 -St Goar, Ste Godeleva, Ste Maria Goretti, Ste Modwenna
7 -Ste Ethelburga, St Fermin, St Palladius
8 -St Kilian, Ste Withburga
9- Mary, Queen of Peace; the Blessed Rose Hawthorne; Ste Veronica Giuliani
10- Ste Amalburga
11- St Benedict, Ste Olga
12- St John Gualbert, Ste Veronica
13- Ste Clelia Barbieri
14- St Camillus de Lellis, St Francis Solano, St Procopius, St Donald of Ogilvy
15- The Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, St Bonaventure, St Henry the Emperor, St Swithin, St Vladimir
16- Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Helier
17- St Alexis
18- St Arnulf of Metz, Ste Felicity, Ste Theneva
19- Stes Justia & Rufina
20- St Elijah, Ste Margaret, Ste Uncumber, St Joseph Barsabbas the Just
21- St Victor of Marseilles
22- Ste Mary Magdalene
23- St Apollinaris of Ravenna, Ste Bridget of Sweden, St Liborius
24- Sts Boris & Gleb, Ste Christina the Astonishing
25- St Christopher, St James the Greater
26- Ste Anne, St Joachim
27- St Aurelius, St Pantaleon, the Seven Sleepers
28- St Samson of Dol
29- St Lupus of Troyes, Ste Martha, St Olaf
30- Sts Abdon & Sennen, St Abel, St Hatebrand of Olden-Klooster
31- Ste Helen of Skovde, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Neot, the Venerable Solanus Casey

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Free-use image of larkspur from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/flowers-larkspur-ostr%C3%B3%C5%BCki-2413694/

Friday, May 26, 2017

Your June Birthday: Holidays, Traditions and More

Sweet June! The first day of summer, the patriotism of Flag Day, the domestic bliss of Father's Day! Days are long and full of delights: cloud-watching, ice-cream-truck-chasing, watermelon-seed-spitting. As my Uncle Buck, a teacher by trade, a farmer by birth, and a philosopher by nature, explained when asked by a student what he did over the summer, "Sometimes I farm, and sometimes I get a jug and sit under a tree and contemplate the futility of human endeavor." Here's hoping your June is as irreverent as my Uncle Buck.

Monthly Observances
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, as well as International Men's Month and International Child Cancer Campaign Month. It is the National Month for Accordion Awareness, so listen to some Weird Al Yankovic, and is also the National Month for aphasia awareness, bathroom reading, candy, LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender), iced tea, rivers, roses, safety, smiles, soul food, and steakhouses, so take your favorite bisexual out to a steakhouse by the river and order some iced tea, but save the bathroom reading for home.

Weirdest Holiday: Yell "Fudge" to the Cobras in North America Day (2nd). I don't know where to begin with this one. First of all, I did not make it up. Second, since cobras are not indigenous to North America, I can imagine this would work only if you bother to visit a zoo or herpetarium. Happy fudge-yelling! Also notable: Stupid Guy Thing Day is the 22nd, so put on your beer hat, dust off your Transformers, and enjoy a nice Man Show marathon with a fantasy baseball chaser.

June Traditions
Flower: rose - beauty, love
Birthstone: pearl - tears of a beautiful bride
Gemini's gem: agate

Zodiac sign: Gemini (1-21) and Cancer (22-30; see July for details). Gemini , represented by the Twins, is an air sign, so Gemini people tend to be very changeable and quick to rush into things. They are also represented by the twins because they can sometimes have dual natures, which is a nice way of saying they can be quirky and lie a lot, and yet it is this mutability that can make them quite interesting and charming. As a result of this fascinating combination of charisma and dishonesty, Gemini people make excellent politicians! Best friends: Libra and Aquarius. Best love matches: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Famous Birthdays: Marilyn Monroe (1st), Tony Curtis (2nd), Rafael Nadal (3rd), Angelina Jolie (4th),Socrates (5th), His Holiness, the Dalai Lama (6th), Prince (7th), Joan Rivers (8th), Michael J. Fox (9th), Judy Garland (10th), Gene Wilder (11th), Anne Frank (12th), The Olsen Twins (13th), Donald Trump (14th), Neil Patrick Harris (15th), Geronimo (16th), Kendrick Lamar (17th), Sir Paul McCartney (18th), Salman Rushdie (19th), Nicole Kidman (20th), Prince William (21st), Meryl Streep (22nd), Jason Mraz (23rd), Solange Knowles 24th), George Michael (25th), Ariana Grande (26th), Helen Keller (27th), Mel Brooks (28th), Gary Busey (29th), Lena Horne (30th).

Catholic Feast Days
1- Ste Gwen, St Justin, St Theobald of Alba
2 -Ste Blandina, St Elmo
3- St Charles Lwanga, Ste Clotilda, St Kevin, St Morand
4 -St Adalgrin, Stes Breaca & Buriana, St Clateus, St Cornelius MacConchailleadh, St Francis Caracciolo, St Nennoc, St Optatus of Milevis, St Petroc, St Quirinus of Croatia, Ste Saturnina of Arras
5 -St Boniface of Mainz, St James Salmonelli
6 -St Claude, St Norbert, St Philip the Deacon
7 -The Venerable Matt Talbot, St Meriadoc
8 -St Medard
9- St Columba, St Ephraem, the Blessed Diana of Andolo, Ste Pelagia of Antioch
10- Ste Olive, St Landry
11- St Barnabus
12- St Onuphrius, the Blessed Guy of Cortona
13- St Anthony of Padua
14- St Dogmael, the Blessed Castora Gabrielli, St Marcellinus
15- Ste Germaine Cousin, St Vitus, St Abraham, Ste Alice
16- St Benno, St Cyriacus, St John Francis Regis, Ste Lutgardis, St Tychon
17- St Botolph, St Harvey
18- Ste Alena, Ste Elizabeth of Schonau
19- St Boniface of Querfurt, Sts Gervase & Protase
20- The Blessed Michelina, Ste Osanna of Mantua
21- St Alban, St Albinus of Mainz, St Aloysius Gonzaga, St Leutfridis, St Méen
22- St Acacius, St Paulinus of Nola, St Thomas More, St Nicetas
23- Ste Agrippina, Ste Audrey, St Joseph Cafasso
24- St John the Baptist
25- Ste Eurosia, St Molaug
26- St Pelayo
27- Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ste Emma of Gurk, St Gotteschalk, St Laszlo
28- St Basildes, Ste Irene of Constantinople
29- St Paul, St Peter
30- The Venerable Pierre Toussaint, the Blessed Raymund Lull, St Theobald of Provence

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

Remember the last time you got a real card or letter from a real person you care about in your real mailbox? You tromped down the driveway on an ordinary day, opened the lid, and there it nestled, among the bills, flyers, catalogs and other unasked-for marketing detritus, an envelope with an actual stamp and a handwritten address! Maybe it was a birthday card, or a birth announcement. Maybe it was an invitation to a bridal shower, or a Valentine. Or maybe it was a real, honest-to-goodness, chatty, “newsy” letter! You flushed with pleasure to see the familiar name and return address, admired the choice of stamp, and ran gleefully back into the house to savor the message at length, possibly even brewing a cup of coffee or tea and ensconsing yourself on the couch or at the kitchen table to read the news.

Maybe there was an article, carefully clipped from a newspaper or magazine, that the sender thought you’d be interested in. “I was reading this and thought of you,” the note says. Maybe there’s a recipe or some coupons; maybe the local paper did a write-up on your dad and your mom sent it to you, the far-flung college kid or grad. Maybe there are photographs of the new little one, or the bride-to-be, or the first tree planted at the brand new house, all of which to display proudly on your fridge.
And the letter itself brought your friend or your aunt or your college roommate right into the room with you. Maybe there was monogrammed stationery, maybe it was one of those note cards the charities send us to try to get us to donate, or maybe it was a piece of notebook paper decorated with stickers from your niece, but that letter was an experience, not just for the news, but for the connection. You probably saved that letter, that article, and certainly those photographs. It was a piece of your friendship, your relationship, and your love.

These days, it is very easy to send messages via email or social media. We can “enclose” that interesting article by linking to it. We can send photos, too, of course. But that article might not be on the newspaper’s home page any more, and those photos will be admired, but are unlikely to be printed out, much less placed in the glory spot on the refrigerator, and that message, however heartfelt, will either clutter an inbox until it gets lost in the shuffle, get printed out on regular paper in a boring font and stuffed in a file box, or end up deleted. And no matter how excited you get upon hearing that little “ding!” from your in-box, how does that compare with the sheer joy of that single letter, in a bright blue envelope plastered with Goofy stickers, from your eight-year-old nephew?

So, as April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, I’d like to issue a not-so-challenging challenge: Write a card or a letter to someone you care about, just to make their eyes light up when they get the mail. If you are afraid you don’t have much to say, get a cute card and just write a paragraph or two on the inside (you can always add an extra sheet of paper if you really get going). If you think it’s a bother writing longhand, go ahead and type it up on the computer, but print it out on some cool colored paper or stationery made for your printer. If the letter is not very long, you can fill it out with some pictures, or clip an article or some cartoons. Pick a pretty stamp and maybe some stickers, or at least a nice seal for the envelope. Go ahead and admire your handiwork; I guarantee you will have a fine sense of accomplishment as you look at that letter you know is going to brighten up Aunt Gina’s day. And once you have risen to the challenge of writing one card or letter, see if you are not inspired to drop a few more of these precious surprises in the mail. It can be pretty addictive! Remember, you’ve got a whole month to get started, and the rest of your life to enjoy the benefits of keeping in touch, for real.

Free-use image from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/letters-paper-leave-filler-2111546/

Monday, January 2, 2017

Your January Birthday: January Holidays, Traditions and More

January lights up the middle of winter with the celebration of the New Year and the orgy of eating, drinking and merrymaking, followed inevitably by resolution-making, that we all know and love. In Japan, where New Year's Day is also celebrated on January first, it is customary to dress up in traditional kimono and call or visit all of your relatives. Those of you born in January have plenty to celebrate besides your birthday and New Year's, though. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is one, and here's a bunch more:

Monthly Observances
January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month, although whether this means you should wipe down your CPU, organize your files or get rid of all your downloaded porn is unclear. It is also the National Month for glaucoma awareness, hot tea, mail order gardening, getting organized, mentoring, personal self-defense awareness (in case your mentor gets a little too friendly?), radon action, skating, and blood donation, and the International Month for changing your stars, creativity, New Year's resolutions for businesses (here's one: Stop wasting money!), quality of life, wayfinding, and wealth mentality.

In addition, January is also Book Blitz Month, as well as the month for birth defects awareness, celebration of life, cervical cancer screening, family fit lifestyle, financial wellness, oatmeal, thyroid awareness, and California dried plum digestion, although I should think we don't need a whole month to contemplate something that only takes, like, fifteen seconds.

Weirdest Holiday
The 26th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Get to poppin'! Honorable mention: Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day, the 23rd. I don't know what this is, but it sounds intriguing!

January Traditions
Flower: carnation - fascination, distinction
Birthstone: garnet - constancy, truth
Capricorn's gem: ruby - glory, freedom from care

Zodiac sign: Capricorn (1- 20) and Aquarius (21-31; see February for details). Capricorns are earth signs: stable and dependable, like the ground under your feet. Capricorns are especially geared to workplace success, but please try to climb the corporate ladder without too much backstabbing! Best friends: Taurus and Virgo. Best love matches: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces.

Famous Birthdays: J.D..Salinger (1st), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (2nd), JRR Tolkien (3rd), Sir Isaac Newton (4th), Marilyn Manson (5th), Joan of Arc (6th), Nicolas Cage (7th), David Bowie (8th), (9th), Rod Stewart (10th), Alexander Hamilton (11th), Kirstie Alley (12th), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (13th), Faye Dunaway (14th), Martin Luther King, Jr. (15th), Susan Sontag (16th), James Earl Jones (17th), Cary Grant (18th), Dolly Parton (19th), Buzz Aldrin (20th), Jack Nicklaus (21st), DJ Jazzy Jeff (22nd), Edouard Manet (23rd), Mary Lou Retton (24th), Virginia Woolf (25th), Paul Newman (26th), Lewis Carroll (27th), Alan Alda (28th), WC Fields (29th), King Abdullah II of Jordan (30th), Jackie Robinson (31st).

Catholic Feast Days
1- Feast of St Clarus; St Odilo; St Peter of Atroa; St Telemachus
2 - Feast of St Adelard; St Basil the Great; St Gregory of Nazianzen; St Macarius the Younger; St Abel; St Munchin
3- Feast of Ste Genevieve; St Daniel of Padua
4 - Feast of Ste Angela of Foligno; Ste Pharaildis; Ste Elizabeth Seton
5 - Feast of St Edward the Confessor; St Gerlac; St Simeon Stylites; St John Neumann
6 - Feast of the Epiphany; St Macra
7 - Feast of St Aldric; St Raymond; St Reinold
8 - Feast of Ste Gudula; St Severinus of Noricum
9- Feast of Ste Basilissa, St Adrian of Canterbury, St Philip of Moscow
10- Feast of St Agatho, St Benincasa, St Evagrius Ponticus, St Gonzalvo, St Gregory X, St John Camillus Bonus, St Marcian of Constantinople, St Nicanor, St Peter Urseleno, St Petronius of Avignon, Ste Sethrida, St Thomian, St William of Bourges
11- Feast of St Balthasar, St Vitalis of Gaza
12- Feast of St Benet Biscop, St Arcadius of Mauritania, Ste Marina and Ste Tatinia
13- Feast of St Hilary of Poitiers
14- Feast of St Felix of Nola, St Mungo (Kentigern), St Sava the Enlightener
15- Feast of St Maurus, St Paul the Hermit, St Ita
16- Feast of Ste Priscilla, St Fursey, St Marcellus
17- Feast of St Anthony the Great, Ste Devota, Ste Roseline
18- Feast of Ste Margaret of Hungary, Ste Beatrix d'Este, St Volusian
19- Feast of St Canute, St Fillan, St Henry of Uppsala, St Wulfstan
20- Feast of St Fabian, St Sebastian
21- Feast of Ste Agnes, Ste Inez, St Lawdog
22- Feast of Ste Bleasilla, Ste Laura Vicuña, St Vincent of Saragossa, St Dominic of Sora
23- Feast of Ste Emerentiana, St John the Almsgiver, St Ildefonsus
24- Feast of St Francis de Sales, St Zamma
25- Feast of Ste Dwyn, St Conan, St Poppo, St Prix
26- Feast of Ste Paula, St Timothy, St Titus
27- Feast of St Avitus, Ste Angela Merici, St Julian of Le Mans
28- Feast of the Blessed Charlemagne, St Thomas Aquinas
29- Feast of St Gildas the Wise, St Dallan Forgaill
30- Feast of St Adelem, Ste Aldegund, Ste Bathilde, Ste Martina, Ste Hyacinth of Maniscotti
31- Feast of St John Bosco, Ste Tryphaena, Ste Marcella, Ste Louise degli Albertoni, Ste Mary Cristina, Ste Paula Gambra-Costa

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Your December Birthday: December Holidays, Traditions and More

Most everyone's excited about the holiday season, whether it's Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or (sometimes) Eid. If you're not into religious holidays, there's the remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day on the 7th (which brings the happier annual tradition of the Army-Navy football game), the super-party-time of New Year's Eve, and plenty of other interesting things going on:

Monthly Observances

It's no surprise that December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month, but rather less intuitively, it is also Choose a Summer Camp Month. Go figure. It is the National Month for drunk and drugged driving prevention, writing a business plan, and it is Universal Human Rights Month. In addition, it is Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month, Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month, and also Spiritual Literacy Month, but I'm not sure what that means. Adding the roundhouse punch to November's Great American Smokeout jab, it is the month to celebrate TANYRSS, otherwise known as Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking. Ending on a rather unexpected note (unless you run a men's haberdashery business, in which case you probably knew), December is National Tie Month. Yes, ties have a National Month. I'll bet socks are next!

Weirdest Holiday

December 15th is Cat Herders Day. Yes, I know what you're thinking-these people don't exist! Well, apparently they do. I'm guessing they share a guildhall with the Jell-o Nailers. So, today's the day to go out and do the impossible!

December Traditions

Flower: narcissus - respect, modesty
Birthstone: zircon, turquoise- love and riches
Sagittarius's gem: amethyst - humility, sincerity

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius (1- 21) and Capricorn (22-31; see January for details). Sagittarius , the archer, is a fire sign, characterized by excitability and enthusiasm, like brightly burning flame. Sagittarians are typically very open and guileless, but these qualities are a double-edged sword, sometimes, as Sagittarians can be lacking in tact and sensitivity. Archers, try to think about where your little arrows are going to land, okay? Best friends: Aries and Leo. Best love matches: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Famous Birthdays: Bette Midler (1st), Georges Seurat (2nd), Ozzy Osbourne (3rd), Marisa Tomei (4th), Walt Disney (5th), Randy Rhoads (6th), Harry Chapin (7th), Mary, Queen of Scots (8th), Kirk Douglas (9th), Emily Dickinson (10th), Mo'Nique (11th), Dionne Warwick (12th), Dick van Dyke (13th), Nostradamus (14th), Don Johnson (15th), Beethoven (16th), Pope Francis (17th), Ty Cobb (18th), Jake Gyllenhaal (19th), Jonah Hill (20th), Frank Zappa (21st), Diane Sawyer (22nd), Madam C.J. Walker (23rd), Ava Gardner (24th), Humphrey Bogart (25th), Steve Allen (26th), Marlene Dietrich (27th), Denzel Washington (28th), Mary Tyler Moore (29th), LeBron James (30th), Donna Summer (31st).

Catholic Feast Days

1- Feast of St Edmund Campion, St Eloy, the Blessed Sister Maria Clementine Anurite Nengapete
2 -Feast of Ste Bibiana
3- Feast of St Cassian of Tangier, St Francis Xavier
4 -Feast of Ste Barbara, St Maruthas
5 -Feast of St Sabas, Ste Crispina
6 -Feast of St Emilian, St Nicholas
7 -Feast of St Ambrose
8 -Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
9- Feast of Ste Gorgonia, Ste Leocadia, St Budoc
10- Feast of Our Lady of Loreto, Ste Eulalia, St John Roberts
11- Feast of St Damasus, St Gentian, St Cury
12- Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ste Jean Frances de Chantal
13- Feast of St Josse, Ste Lucy, Ste Odilia
14- Feast of St John of the Cross, St Spiridion, the Blessed Nimatullah Youssef Kassab
15- Feast of Ste Nino, St Valerian
16- Feast of Ste Adelaide
17- Feast of St Lazarus
18- Feast of the Virgin of the Lonely, St Flannan
19- Feast of St Adam
20- Feast of St Dominic of Silos
21- Feast of St Peter Canisius
22- Feast of the Blessed Gratian
23- Feast of St Dagobert II St John of Kanti, St Servulus of Rome, St Thorlac
24- Feast of St Levan, Sharbel Makhlouf, Our Lord's Ancestors
25- Feast of Ste Anastasia, Ste Eugenia, St Fulk, Christmas
26- Feast of St Stephen
27- Feast of St Fabiola, St John the Divine
28- Feast of the Holy Innocents (Childermass)
29- Feast of St Thomas a Becket, St Tropez
30- Feast of Our Lady of Lujan
31- Feast of St Sylvester, Ste Columba

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